Before we get started…

…here are some things to consider:

  • High-speed computer capable of efficiently supporting Photoshop. Our droplets had been tested successfully with Microsoft Surface Pro 1. However, the faster the computer, the quicker the droplet will process each photo and the faster it’s sent to the printer which equates to less time the guests have to wait. Preferred system: Intel i7 with 8GB RAM and SSD hard drive.

NOTE: There are many variables to consider in making sure that your computer is working optimally but beyond the scope of this documentation.

  • Single photo vs. Multiple photos layout. Keep in mind that each photo taken would have to be processed by the droplet to apply the filter before it generates the layout for printing. Depending on the specs of your photo booth computer, this may or may not add a significant delay to your photo booth processing per session. We recommend that if you are going to host an event with multiple photos layout, then go through the entire process and estimate your photo booth workflow so that you can provide your client a more accurate processing expectation. NOTE: These results can vary based on the complexity of the droplet filter, speed of the computer, number of photos taken per session, etc…


NOTE: Majority of the instructions below are available from the very extensive manual for DSLR Remote Pro from the Breeze website.

  • Unzip the compressed file you downloaded from our website.   There should be at a minimum of 2 main files included:
    • README.txt – contains information regarding usage and links to license and instructions to install the droplet (this page you’re reading).
    • PBA_Type_C/B_##.exe – First 3 letters stands for our initials, type of droplet, Color or Black & White, and % of setting (i.e. 35% or 50% softer).  Example:  PBA_Glam_B_35.exe
  • There are 2 ways to install the droplet:
  1. Single filter – this is running 1 type of filter from your photo booth at an event


  • From Breeze, click on File and then select Setup Image Editor…
  • Select Use the command line below: then click the to browse for the droplet file
  • Check Automatically edit the image when a photo is taken

  • Click OK
  1. Multiple filters – this is providing multiple filters in which the guest can choose a filter at the start of each session. This is accomplished by using multiple Profiles. Essentially, there’s a different filter in each profile.


  1. Install AutoHotKey. A free download from
  2. Copy each exe file into its own specific DSLR Remote Pro profile and give them the same name (e.g. droplet.exe).

NOTE: Please read the DSLR Remote Pro manual from the Breeze website to learn more on how to setup multiple profiles.

 From Breeze, click on File and then select Setup Image Editor…

Select Use the command line below: then click the and browse to the droplet hotkey in “C:\Program Files (x86)\BreezeSys\DSLR Remote Pro\droplet.ahk” followed by the droplet name (droplet.exe)

NOTE: The pathname for the script needs to be enclosed by quotation marks

 Check Automatically edit the image when a photo is taken

  1. Click OK.

Other Settings

1. Delay the printing of the photos to allow time for the photo to be processed. Increase the Delay before creating print layout (secs): from the Output Settings of the Advanced Settings.

NOTE: You would have to tweak this setting to fit based on the amount of time required for the droplet to process your photo. 

2. Double click to run C:\Program Files (x86)\BreezeSys\DSLR Remote Pro\HideWindowsTaskbar.exe.

When DSLR Remote Pro triggers the droplet to run, it will launch Photoshop if it’s not already running and Photoshop window will appear in front of the photo booth screen. This utility will avoid this from happening. Check Hide Photoshop window when photo booth is running during your event and keep the dialog box open.



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