Windows 10-style Custom Keyboard
For DSLR Remote Pro Photo Booth & Kiosk


This is a replacement keyboard for Breeze DSLR Remote Pro & Breeze Kiosk.


  • Works for Breeze DSLR Remote Pro
  • Works for Breeze Kiosk
  • Resolutions Supported
    • 1920 X 2080
    • 2160 X 1440 (Surface Pro 3)
    • 2736 X 1824 (Surface Pro 4)
    • Additional resolutions may be added based on demand
  • Preset keys for popular email addresses (,, &
  • Layout of keys resembles standard keyboard
  • Easy installation

Watch the video for the keyboard demonstration on the 23 second mark.

***Interface layout sold separately


Breeze photo booth software

  • Copy all the files inside the folder that supports your resolution into your Breeze photo booth  Profile.

Breeze Kiosk

  • Copy all the files in the folder defined in the Folder containing images


NOTE:  Make sure to purchase the resolution that supports your computer/monitor. 

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